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Get a Fast Washer Repair in Your Victoria, BC Home!

With so many moving parts, it’s a wonder that washers last as long as they do. But, one thing is for certain: every laundry washer will break down eventually. When that day comes, A & A Appliance Service will be there to provide a prompt, reliable repair — in the comfort of your own home!


Are you in need of a washer repair in your Victoria, BC home? Get a free estimate from A & A Appliance Service — call us today! Our team is more than qualified to service all make and models of laundry washers and dryers. We even complete repairs on light commercial units and dryers, as well!

Call for Same-Day Washer Repairs

Is your washer noisy, leaking or simply not turning on? Call A & A Appliance Service for same-day repairs. We are happy to offer free estimates with repairs.

Trouble with Your Washers?

Let our specialists keep your laundry washers in the best working condition.

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