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Same-Day Dryer Repair in Victoria, BC — Call Us!

Is your laundry dryer — well, not drying? When something is misaligned or a belt is snapped your dryer’s functionality can take a dive for the worse — or stop completely. Fortunately, A & A Appliance Service is here to provide a same-day dryer repair for Victoria, BC homeowners.


You may need a dryer repair if you notice that it takes longer to dry clothes, your dryer is making excessive noise, the automatic sensor is not functioning or your clothes are hot, but not dry at the end of a cycle. Some of these issues can be easily remedied, others it may take a professional repair technician. Don’t despair; call for a repair!

Keep Your Dryer Vent Clean!

Remember: The most important thing you can do to prolong your dryer’s lifespan is regularly clean the exhaust ducts! This will also help prevent dryer-related house fires, which are all too common in Canada.

Call for Same-Day Dryer Repairs

If your dryer is making unusual noises, taking longer to dry clothes, or has stopped functioning completely, get same-day service from your professional dryer repair technicians in Victoria, BC — call A & A Appliance Service for a free estimate with our repair services, today!

Need to Get Your Broken Dryer Fixed?

We offer thorough same-day repair services for your damaged dryers.

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